BlockChain-based Community
For Integrity Rentals
Trust is the cornerstone of life comfort
Rental Community
Lucia will add the new feature of GXS credit system to build the trust between the landlord and renters through multiple information verification from personal online consumption data, operator information, education background and public security network. All important behaviors in the community will be recorded and traceable, but unchangeable, with the smart blockchain contract; the community incentive mechanism can realize the community-based operation of the entire process from listing by the landlord to rental, in order to build a rental community based on trust.
Rental management system
Lucia SaaS rental management system will use modular development to create an all-round apartment management system for centralized apartments, professional landlords and homeowners. BAAS-API of GXS will be applied in the data storage solution. GXS integrates IPFS technology to provide reliable business data storage, object storage and verification services, and realize public data storage book and process verification. The user's sensitive business data is not deposited in the centralized server; instead, its database right is returned to the user to ensure the data security and privacy.
Decentralization storage
Enterprise credit
Data trading
Financial service
Blockchain + Smart door lock
Lucia SaaS will dock with the self-developed blockchain intelligent door lock and mainstream intelligent door lock in the market to ensure the absolute safety of the password, and dock with the intelligent household hardware like intelligent power boxes, intelligent water and electricity meters and intelligent access control, to improve the management efficiency, reduce operating costs and reduce data security risks of the apartment.
Release WeChat Mini Program in-test of the rental platform
Release WeChat Mini Program 1.0 of the rental platform
Digital identity credit system
Electronic contract and online signing system
Online community operation service market
Release Web、iOS and Android version of the rental platform
Release of community dating platform
Research of SaaS underlying architecture

Business supports the R&D of system functions
Release the SaaS Mini Program1.0 including the basic functions
Release iOS, Android, WeChat Mini Program versions of SaaS 1.0,Release better SaaS 2.0 Integrate network distribution and direct sales platform as well as online signing system
Service failures report platform
Release financial services platform

Dock with the mainstream intelligent hardware in the market
Release the intelligent door lock based on blockchain
Establish SaaS open platform
Improve the community management mechanism
Explore the complete self-management community mode
Explore the open smart homes and IoT platform
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Media Reports
Team Members
Jiao Yulong
Founder & CEO
Former Vice President of Beijing Miot Technology Ltd, national business leader of Yunzhanggui; Master of Cloud Computing, Beihang University (drop out for entrepreneurship). Succeed in a variety of mobile Internet products from offline business development, online marketing product operations.
Lian Wel
Former Senior Director of Yunzhanggui Products and Innovation Business, 10 years of PM experience,leading the design and implementation of Yunzhanggui PMS system and intelligent door lock system, and OTA products, as well as the exploration and practice of multiple innovative products, with extensive product experience.
Yang Guoyou
Former Senior R&D Engineer of Douyu Live, responsible for R&D of key systems such as gifts and props, leading the design and development of a number of large-scale site-wide activities; good at a variety of development languages; extensive system architecture design and personnel management experience.
Li Hongxun
Development Manager
Mobile Terminal Architect, led the team to complete the architecture and design of full-line mobile product of the iOS client, Android client, and WeChat Mini Program for Yunzhanggui; accumulated a wealth of project R&D experience, with in-depth understanding of the overall framework and ecosystem of the mobile terminal.
Li Hao
Community Manager
Co-founder and Operation Manager of Chengdu Yipai Culture Communication Co , Ltd.; Coordinator of flexible supply chain construction for preferred malls at Yunzhanggui, with rich operation, business, marketing and planning experience.
Dong Guangning
Community Media Creative Executive
Former New Media Operations Manager in Qiansu Technology, the domestic leading homestay community developer and operator, with professional comprehensive visual skills and creative planning capabilities.
Expert Team
Kumjad P'jaad
Thailand Vice-Health Minister
Thailand Vice-Health Minister Kumjad P’jaad
Deng Rong
Founder & CEO of Cloud Boss
Lecturer at Hundun University, founder and CEO of Cloud Boss.
Fang Min
Founder of Cloud Sharing
Founder of Cloud Sharing, cooperated with Huawei and China Unicom to launch China's first NB-IOT intelligent door lock; CEO of U. Technology, China's leading IoT service platform; Manager of Lenovo, Huawei, Philips products; awarded IDEA, IF, Red Dot Design Award with a number of products.
Lai Hongbo
Founder of Qiansu Fund
Founder of Qiansu Technology, sponsor of Qiansu Fund, founder of Cloud Boss; former Product Director of Lenovo Group, with over 10 years of software and consumer electronics product manager experience, and over 6 years of mobile Internet and homestay platform entrepreneurial experience.
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